Private Valuation

Private Valuation Workshops

Want to extend our Valuation Programs to your close circle of friends or professionals?
Our Private Valuation Workshops makes it easy!

In our constant endeavour to help Corporates / Fund Houses / Private Groups / Brokerage Houses to Learn Valuation, we have introduced Private Valuation Workshops - The Fast Track Program on Business Valuation offered Privately at the convenience of your location.

With interactive content and interesting concepts, we ensure optimum gains for each participant. We prefer to have a small class size for each workshop, to ensure more participation and understanding. The workshops aim to help participants understand:

  • The Know-How of Company Valuation
  • Value drivers of a company
  • Importance of a narrative in valuation exercises
  • Expectation Valuation

The course is essentially the same as the Fast Track Program - 3 (Three) Hour Workshop but with a limited number of attendees.

The participants for these workshops should ideally have some background in accounting, finance, or investing. However, a fundamental understanding of Income Statements and Balance Sheets is essential. Private Valuation Workshops are conducted on request for individuals/groups of Individuals who wish to have private sessions for Corporate, Private Groups, Professional Groups, Brokerage Houses, Fund Houses etc.

Please feel free to contact us. We would be happy to answer any questions you would have regarding this exercise

Private Valuation Workshops are only done privately and internally or on request. For more information please contact us

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